Young people have access to sporting activities for entertainment. Children prefer to play video games either on their computers or on the internet. Women like to gossip about themselves and others. What do men on the wrong side of forty do to pass away their free time? In the age of the internet, people have access to various means of digital broadcasts. It could be audio or video broadcasts consisting of one or many episodes. Such digital media broadcasts when subscribed to and downloaded from the internet onto their computers of mobile for viewing later on is known as podcast. There are many such podcasts available for such middle aged men to resort to.


A list of all the audio and video files associated with a given series is maintained on a central server and is available as a web feed. One such popular website where one can download these podcasts is This website is ranked 91, 31,457 in the United States among all websites. This is a good ranking considering the total number of websites available in the internet. The statistics of the site are as follows.


The average monthly pages viewed are less than 300. Similarly the average monthly visits are too less than 300. The estimated worth of the website sis $828.09. There are about 19 external links with the total number of pages being 45. The topics available in the website would be of great interest to persons on the wrong side of 40.


They also include technological articles which could be of interest to persons with technical backgrounds. Podcasts include audio and radio episodes of comedy shows, talk shows or even popular television serials. This is one way of passing the time for such persons. Time constructively spent is always better than time idled away.