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Earlier, in order to keep track of the kilometers that had been run, the runner had to purchase a special device in a sports shop – now the phone can take on this function. Thanks to applications for the iPhone and Android, you can not only get acquainted with the rich and detailed statistics of sports activities, but also entertain yourself with your favorite music tracks and turn a grueling and boring workout into an exciting game.

The article will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the best applications for running and walking.

Run Keeper

running routeRun Keeper – “champion” in popularity among runners; The program is incredibly rich in features and at the same time completely free. Every 5 minutes Run Keeper informs the runner of the basic statistics: the speed of its movement, the duration of the run, the number of kilometers covered. However, many sports applications can cope with this – how is Run Keeper better than alternatives?

  • The presence of its own social network, which has an audience of more than 30 million people around the world.
  • Integration with popular Twitter and Facebook services where the runner can share his achievements.
  • The ability to form a musical playlist – many runners do not think of training without music.
  • Synchronization with the website, allowing you to analyze running statistics on your computer.
  • GPS tracking for accurate route routing.
  • The ability to take photos directly from the application – pictures will be marked on the map by coordinates.
  • Tracking the heart rhythm of the runner – if there are additional sensors.

Although the application is downloaded for free, newcomers planning to run seriously, it is recommended to refer to a special paid section, which includes a set of master classes from professional trainers.

Nike+ Running

running in the fieldNike+ Running – a worthy and very unusual competitor Run Keeper. Thanks to Nike+ Running you forget that once running was a boring occupation: all the data fixed by the application is automatically transferred to the Nike website, where they are transformed into colorful histograms and graphs, very convenient for analysis. Among the features of Nike + Running are:

Possibility of flexible tones of voice notifications. The program can report basic statistics, for example, every 10 minutes or through each kilometer of the path.

Developed social component. Inform on Facebook that you are passing the distance, and each person will turn into applause and the approving hum of the crowd. In addition, the Nike + Running application allows runners to assemble into teams and participate in competitions.

Ability to customize the playlist. Nike + Running also has a special music section – Power Songs, a kind of “Favorites”. The user should first make tracks in this section that most strongly motivate him. You can start a song from the Power Songs section with just one touch – when the strength is already running out, the familiar melody will help to open the “second wind”.

There is one aspect in which Nike + Running plays Run Keeper: the application from Nike does not support some languages. However, a user who is familiar with English will not face “translation difficulties”.


joggingA key feature of the Endomondo program is its developed social orientation. For example, Endomondo is able to compare the sports achievements of one runner not only with the results of casual users of the application, but also with the achievements of people from the same area. You can also compete with friends for the title of champion, overcoming the pre-programmed path, share achievements in social networks Twitter and Facebook, comment on the results of friends online.

However, on one social component, the advantages of Endomondo do not end – this application for running has other advantages:

  • You can create music playlists directly inside the application.
  • The program allows you to monitor the level of water in the body and other indicators of physical condition.
  • Endomondo is a cross-platform application: it is suitable for both iPhone and other gadgets with iOS, and on Android and on smartphones with Windows.
  • Endomondo is relevant not only for running, but for other sports hobbies – for example, for cycling.

The program for running on Android and iOS Endomondo is distributed on the model Freemium – there is also a paid version, the functionality of which is wider. Endomondo Premium allows you to analyze the pulse, get information about the weather, and get rid of annoying ads.

Zombies, Run!

ready for marathonDownload the application Zombies, Run! It is recommended to all who consider running a boring occupation. The user just needs to wear headphones – and now he does not make an evening run, but he is saved from countless hordes of aggressive zombies! Of course, training is transformed into a fascinating quest, during which the user needs to collect artefacts, transfer medications to the needy, strengthen their own base. Thanks to the realistic sound design of Zombies, Run! The runner feels that the monsters are literally stepping on their heels – only if he follows the commands that are heard in the headphones, he will be able to escape from the zombie apocalypse. At the end of the workout, the user gets access to the statistics and can know the speed of the run, the distance traveled, the number of calories consumed.

For all the originality of the application Zombies, Run! there is a number of shortcomings: the statistics provided for analysis are rather scant, and the requirements for gadgets are serious – the program does not “Go” on the iPhone with iOS version below 8.0.

Trail Mix


The application for running on the iPhone Trail Mix will not give way to Zombies, Run! in non-triviality. In fact, Trail Mix is ​​a music player that adjusts the tempo of the songs from the playlist to the speed of running or walking.

Use Trail Mix is ​​very simple, because the speed is determined automatically – just throw the gadget in your pocket. All elements of the interface are standard and familiar: in the upper right corner you can see the speedometer icon, in the center – the name of the song being played and the album cover, at the bottom – the buttons for switching tracks. If there are no downloaded songs in the memory of the smartphone, the program will offer downloading music to iTunes, if any, to share your favorite tracks on social networks.

Many statistics for the analysis of Trail Mix cannot be given, however, the main function of this program is not at all analytical, but motivational. Hardly anyone wants to hear your favorite song at a pace slowed down in half, but that this does not happen, you have to run.

Charity Miles

guy joggingDownloading and running the application Charity Miles, the user has the right to believe that he has already changed the world for the better. Charity Miles is one of the best applications for collecting charitable donations. Unless you click here, play at live dealer casino, win millions and donate all of it for some cause. Users should not be afraid that they will be charged money: the application is completely free, and all that is required is to activate the GPS and go to the training. Each overcoming mile is converted into 25 cents, which are sent for donations. The user can choose the charity purpose independently.

If such an idea seems absurd to you, consider the figures: Charity Miles users are 11 million Americans, whose average age is 32 years, which indicates the full awareness of their choice.


Calculating the expended calories and miles overcome by sophisticated users of modern gadgets is not surprising. Now there is a lot of unlimited communication: it’s important for smartphone owners to have contact with friends even while running. In terms of the social component, two applications for running are “one step ahead” of the rest – it’s Endomondo and Run Keeper.

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