Going Jogging? Here’s How to Start!


If possible, run several of your long training runs on the race course.

You’ll learn to arrive there, where to park, as well as what the site is like. Run over the last half mile of the course in least twice. This is the most crucial part of the course to know.

Many runners will run sections of the course on a number of distinct long runs. If you fall into line too far forwards you can slow down faster runners.

You would like to do that first race slowly and have a very good experience. Since you’ll be taking your walk rests as you did during training, you’ll likely need to remain in the side of the road.

If there’s a sidewalk, you may use this for the walk breaks.

 The Afternoon Before

Do not run the day before the race. You will not lose any form if you take two days away from jogging leading up to the race.

In case the race has a fair or other festivities, walk around, but do not walk for over 2 hours. Some races need you to pick up your race number as well as your computer chip in the expo the day before.

Other races allow you to pick up your material on race day. Check out the info materials or the event web site for instructions.

While you are at a dinner you can speak with runners at your table and relish the evening. Many runners wrongly presume they must eat a great deal the night before.

It may take at least 36 hours for bulk of what you eat to be processed and used in a race. Eating a lot of, or eating the wrong foods for you, may be a real problem as lots of food bouncing down and up in your gut is what makes your race stressful.

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