Harm of running

harm of running

The harm of running, the influence of running on the body

Well, how can it hurt to run? After all, this is, perhaps, the most versatile sport! Running is useful at any age, it can be practiced at any time of year and anywhere. But, lately opinions have been growing more often that running is not only not useful, but it can be dangerous for health. Someone will say that this is the opinion of lazy people who are just looking for a reason to do nothing.

However, it is worth considering this issue in more detail, relying on the point of view of specialists. We will try to approach the solution of the problem comprehensively and touch upon various aspects of the negative impact of running on the human body, as well as ways to minimize them.

pain in knees

The effect of running on the spine and joints

And now I’m running – all of myself beautiful, the wind blows my hair behind my back, and as in the commercial after me the men turn around. But, not everything is so simple, in fact the opinion that running does not need to learn is wrong.

Running is the same sporting discipline as everyone else and in order to run properly you need to know how to put your feet, at what point your foot should come off the ground and how to properly lower it. Not knowing all the rules of safe running can cause huge damage to the joints. Also, the spine may suffer, if your body is swinging during the run in different directions, and you do not observe the posture.

Therefore, the wrong run is harmful, but having mastered the necessary technique, you can do nothing to be afraid of starting your studies.

The effect of running on women’s health

It is interesting that incorrect running can lead to deterioration of the shape of the breast, and, strangely enough, the formation of cellulite.

Considering the harm of running for the shape of the chest, it is necessary to note the influence of two factors: the wrong technique of running itself and the lack of properly selected linen. So, if the body is in the wrong position during movement, the mammary glands, from the concussion, gradually stretching, sag, and painful sensations in the chest can also appear.

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But there is a solution – this is special underwear, which can be purchased at a specialized sports store, where bras of all sizes are sold, designed specifically for sports and maintaining the shape of the breast.

As for cellulite, recent studies have shown that increased training with a run can provoke its appearance. Of course, this seems completely illogical for us, because it is generally accepted that it is due to the morning jogs that you can get rid of the “orange peel”. However, the formation of cellulite occurs also under the influence of free radicals, accumulating in the body with enhanced and prolonged training.

The solution of the problem arises by itself – do not overexert yourself, that is, run, but in moderation, without fanaticism.

The influence of running on the muscles

Specialists who study in depth the influence of running on the human body have established that employment in this sport can help to reduce muscle mass and fat accumulation, but, even worse, they can provoke a decrease in the heart muscle.

Although the scientists have not yet officially confirmed this theory, this is explained by the fact that a small muscle of the heart receives less energy than it has to give when running. In addition, the body to improve its stamina tries to get rid of muscle tissue, instead of which it prefers to store fat, which gives much more energy.

But do not be afraid to stop running, because this statement is relevant only to the marathon race, during which athletes overcome too great distances.

Harm of morning and evening jogs

To date, scientists have found that morning jogs can cause significant harm to the body. This is due to the fact that in the morning hours, when the body has not fully awakened yet, we not only wake up earlier than usual, but also physically load it. This approach to recovery can lead to backfiring and cause a heart attack or other health problems.

Late evening runs are contraindicated because running does not help the body adjust to night rest, on the contrary, jogs are invigorating, which means that they can cause a defective sleep or a sleepless night.

But, desperate situations do not happen, just need to choose the right time for running. If you intend to run in the morning, then the morning awakening should take at least 4 hours. The same applies to evening jogging, before sleep should be at least 4 hours, then the body will have time to restructure after the received load and prepare for a night’s sleep.

The influence of running for longevity

The fact that running affects life expectancy is just a theory. But scientists, having studied the statistical data, determined that the athletes life is shorter than normal in about 3-5 years. This is due to the fact that due to constant physical exertion the body wears out very quickly and grows old faster.

Makes you wonder if all the myths about healthy living is just myths, doesn’t it? However, if you do not torture yourself with many kilometers of daily races, you will not be short of life, so don’t be angry at yourself for skipping daily run and playing money making game online (click here to find out more). It can end up being more healthy, it seems.


running injuries

This is indisputable, since running is a sport, which means it can cause injuries. Only remembering all of the above, to avoid this problem is very easy. It is enough to master the technique of running, pick up appropriate sports clothes and choose the right time and place for jogging. Since, going to run to the territory of the construction site in heels, you unequivocally risk getting injured. And if you follow the elementary rules, running at jogging will not be more dangerous than going to the store.

It is also important to note that poor health is an objective reason for not running. And if you suffer from any chronic diseases, then you can start running only after consulting a doctor. In any case, at the initial stage, the most correct thing is to turn to an experienced coach, which will help you bypass all the “pitfalls” of such seemingly easy lessons as running.

Every sport should be treated responsibly, then it will bring not only health benefits and figure, but also pleasure.

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