So You Signed up for The First Marathon, Now What?


So you signed up for the first marathon, now what? you’re probably thinking, What did I get myself into?

A marathon might seem to be daunting and exhausting effort, but with the correct planning and preparation, you will make it throughout the 26.2 miles and be happy with your amazing achievement.

It’s not possible to start running the whole space right out from the gate therefore it is essential to find a plan that will help you progressively build up your mileage and strength while including enough rest to prevent overuse injuries.

John Loftus, a RRCA accredited running trainer from Laugna Beach, California who operates with performance oriented adult runners, advocates a training plan which takes a runner’s heritage and experience into account.

This kind of plan builds a runner up gradually and carefully to meet the requirements she or he’ll face on race day.

Rather the runner may be organized both physically and emotionally for what to expect throughout the marathon, he says.

In addition it’s significant to chew over the recommended number of consecutive days and specified mileage to be able to find out whether the plan is feasible. You’re certainly going to be hungry after all which running, but eating the right foods in the right times might help you fuel and recuperate during training.

There’s a small window of time up to half a hour following a hard training run when the body is best able to replenish and use the sugars and protein which were used during exercise. Experts recommend consuming foods with a 3 to 1 protein to carb ratio.

You may also refuel using protein shakes or chocolate milk.

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